Residential insurance encompasses a wide range of insurance types like homeowners insurance and renters insurance, including:

Homeowners insurance – A range of insurance options that at least protect against catastrophic events, but often include medical liability and theft.

Dwelling insurance – An insurance that offers similar protection to homeowners but doesn’t require residency.

Renters insurance (tenant insurance) – An insurance to protect renters or tenants against the damage or theft of personal property (doesn’t protect renter against damages interior or exterior property damages).

Other residential properties – Condos have their own insurance type, insuring a houseboat or RV may require or be covered under a unique insurance as well.

Flood, fire, earthquake, volcano insurance, etc – A range of insurance options that protect against elemental damage. Depending upon your location specific types may be required.

Theft, computer, additional liability insurance – Typically liability and theft are covered under a homeowner or renter policy, coverage is increased through riders, or coverage is offered through an umbrella policy. However insurers can offer a number of different stand-alone insurance products focused on protecting a specific type of property or person on that property.

Mortgage, Title, Lender, Owner insurance – A range of insurance options that protect lenders against finical loss due to real property loans. Typically when buying a home on mortgage the lender will require the owner to purchase title insurance to protect the lender from fraudulent titles.