The Basics of Car Insurance and Other Auto Insurance Types

Auto insurance (typically referring to car insurance) is a coverage type that protects from the potential financial risks of operating a motor vehicle. Auto insurance involves a contract in which the auto insurer agrees to pay covered costs up to an amount in exchange for an incremental premium.

Typically auto insurance provides financial protection for property, liability, and personal medical.

By browsing the auto insurance pages below you will be taken step-by-step through everything you need to know about car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and insurances for any other road-based vehicle type.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance

Non-standard auto insurance is coverage sold by private companies specifically to drivers who are too high-risk for other agencies to insure. What is the Difference Between Non-Standard Auto Insurance and Standard Auto Insurance? Standard auto insurance is traditional car insurance offered to those with a relatively “clean” driving record, decent credit, and a pretty spotless . . . read more

Auto Insurance Policy

Your auto insurance policy is arguably the most important part of insuring any vehicle. We show you how to understand your policy and give you some advice that will help you avoid common pitfalls and loopholes found in auto coverage contracts.

How to Shop for Auto Insurance

One of the most important aspects of auto insurance is understanding how to shop around for policies. This guide on how to shop for auto insurance will allow you to find the best vehicle coverage and the best price. Prices that are too good to be true, usually are. This quick and easy to read guide will ensure that you are covered no matter what vehicle you drive.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance If you or someone in your household drives a motorcycle, your insurance needs will be different than those who drive cars. Motorcycle Insurance is a blanket term for the different types of insurance coverage you can get as a motorcyclist. Here are some facts about motorcycle insurance: Owners and drivers of motorcycles have different state insurance . . . read more

How to Dispute an Auto Insurance Claim

The chances that your first offer will be the best one is pretty close to zero. We should you how to dispute an auto settlement. Sometimes it’s as easy as talking to your claim adjustor, but not always.

PIP: Personal Injury Protection and No-Fault Insurance

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and No-Fault Insurance Personal Injury Protection (AKA No-Fault Insurance or PIP) covers your medical expenses from an car accident without regard to who was at fault for the incident. PIP policies can also cover wages lost due to injuries caused by car accidents. Facts about PIP and No-Fault Insurance: PIP is only available in . . . read more

Car Insurance Requirements by State

Compulsory Car Insurance: Car Insurance Requirements by State We break down required, or compulsory, car insurance requirements state-by-state to help you understand regulations and maximum limits. The most commonly required types of auto insurance coverage are Liability Insurance, Personal Injury Protection, and Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Insurance. If you fail to get the necessary insurance, you may end . . . read more

Auto Insurance Risk Selection

Auto Insurance Risk Selection Car Insurance Cost Insurance companies use a mathematical process called auto insurance risk selection to determine the cost of your auto insurance policy and your premium. On this page, we’ll look at what Auto Insurance Risk Selection is, why insurance companies use it, and the factors that affect the price of your . . . read more

A Guide to Liability Auto Insurance

Liability Auto Insurance (also called casualty insurance) is insurance that covers a third party’s Bodily Injury (BI) or Property Damage (PD) expenses for which the insured driver is found responsible.

Types of Auto Insurance

There are actually a number of different types of auto policies that offer different types of services and protections. We discuss everything from basic liability coverage for your car to rental insurance for scooters.