Motorcycle Insurance

If you or someone in your household drives a motorcycle, your insurance needs will be different than those who drive cars. Motorcycle Insurance is a blanket term for the different types of insurance coverage you can get as a motorcyclist.

Here are some facts about motorcycle insurance:

  • Owners and drivers of motorcycles have different state insurance requirements than drivers of cars.  To find out what the specific requirements are in your state, visit’s page on Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements.
  • You still have the option to get all of the same types of auto insurance as drivers of other vehicles.
  • When it comes to liability insurance, insurers tend to charge motorcyclists more for Bodily Injury coverage and less for Property Damage (since motorcyclists are more likely to cause injuries than serious damages).
  • Statistically, a motorcyclist’s risk of getting in a car accident is much greater than a car driver’s risk.  Also, the motorcyclist is likely to sustain injuries that are more costly and expensive.  As a motorcyclist, you should be sure to have very good Auto Medical Payments (AMP) coverage.

To learn more about insurance concern specific to motorcyclists, visit’s section on motorcycle insurance.