An auto insurance adjustor, or auto claim adjustor, is someone an insurer employees to assess and adjust claims the way you deal with an adjustor can greatly affect your claim. The claim adjustor is 100% trying to get you to agree to the lowest price possible so the insurer that hired them will be happy. They aren’t your friend, say no, don’t sign anything, and call a lawyer.

How to Deal With an Auto Insurance Adjustor

There are two types of claims adjustors nice ones and intimidating ones. Either way they are trying to whittle you down and get the best deal for the insurer. Here are a few quick tips on how to deal with auto insurance claims adjustors.

  • Don’t let them rush you.
  • Don’t sign anything
  • Don’t agree to anything
  • Don’t incriminate yourself
  • Ask if they are recording. If yes, say I need a lawyer.
  • Don’t settle for a cash amount up front, don’t settle for the first number you hear.
  • Know your rights
  • Have your paper work (including proof of loss) in front of you.
  • Know your bluebook value
  • Have a lawyer
  • High-ball them and realize they are low-balling you. Want $5,000, ask for $8,000 and let them talk you down from there.
  • Don’t settle for medical treatments until you know what the damages are.
  • Don’t spend a dime (unless you need to as in a car being fixed) until you cash the check.